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ROBOMINERS Project to Conduct Field Trials in Estonian Open-Pit Mine

The EU-funded ROBOMINERS project is set to embark on field trials from 31 July to 4 August 2023 in Kunda, Estonia. The trials will take place in an open-pit mine and will mark a significant milestone in the project’s mission to enhance European access to mineral raw materials and reduce import dependency.


ROBOMINERS partners had the chance to introduce our project at the annual EGU General Assembly in Vienna. Consortium partners under the lead of Giorgia Stasi (Geological Survey of Belgium) convened a session entitled “Mining the future: new trends and technological advances in mining exploration and production // Novel developments in understanding the petrogenesis of REE […]

Do you know a potential pilot site?

ROBOMINERS is constructing a robotic miner which will facilitate EU access to mineral raw materials. One of the main goals in 2023 is to prepare ROBOMINERS pilots for the year 2030, where the technology line should reach TRL 6/7 (system prototype demonstration in operational environment), with a first industrial pilot with tethered and semi-autonomous operation […]

Call for abstracts EGU2023

At the EGU2023 General Assembly (Vienna and online, 23-28 April 2023), there will be a scientific session convened by ROBOMINERS partners on Mining the future: new trends and technological advances in mining exploration and production ‘. Research and innovation in exploration and mining of raw materials is increasingly focused on the prospect of developing new […]

Clustering with Pipebots and UNEXUP

A meeting with the representatives of the projects Pipebots, Unexup and Robominers was organised on 5 July 2022 as a follow-up after the clustering workshop held on 24 May 2022 with the same projects. The meeting was organised by the Pipebots project, back to back with the last Unexup project meeting. It was a hybrid […]