Breakthrough in our robot’s material transport

The ROBOMINERS Team is thrilled to share a major breakthrough in the research around our robot’s material transport!

Our team has been hard at work testing the Venturi V7, equipped with a 20 mm throat and a 50 mm slurry outlet.

During our recent tests, we utilised a high-performance multistage centrifugal pump with a maximum capacity of 10 m³/h.

Thanks to a smaller throat size, we’ve achieved a maximum flow of approximately 5.5 m³/h, resulting in reduced water consumption. The backpressure on the pump peaked at around 4 bar, signaling that the nozzle orifices have reached their maximum capacity. Although it’s challenging to measure suction without a proper vacuum gauge, we believe it’s hovering between 5 and 5.5 m³/h. This fantastic outcome means our 10 m³/h pump can power two of these venturis simultaneously.

In our initial tests, we used a small amount of fine gravel (2-6 mm) to evaluate the system’s performance. The Venturi sucked up the gravel and efficiently transported it through the slurry hose.