A meeting with the representatives of the projects Pipebots, Unexup and Robominers was organised on 5 July 2022 as a follow-up after the clustering workshop held on 24 May 2022 with the same projects. The meeting was organised by the Pipebots project, back to back with the last Unexup project meeting. It was a hybrid event, held partially at the premises of the Geological Survey of Slovenia in Ljubljana and partially online. 14 participants joined online and 8 participants were present at GeoZS.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss:

  • Research challenges that the projects face on robotics-related topics
  • Funding opportunities for joint collaboration to solve common challenges
  • Joint dissemination event to share with the community solutions and discuss the way forward

ROBOMINERS coordinator Claudio Rossi participating virtually in the clustering meeting.