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ROBOMINERS confinement story: LIBS scanner

A contribution from Christian Burlet, Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB) / Royal Belgian-Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS)   During April, May and June, the first ‘proof of concept’ experiment was planned at RBINS, to demonstrate the use of LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown Spectroscopy) to perform real-time diagnostics on drilling slurries inside the mineralogical module of ROBOMINERS. […]

ROBOMINERS workshop in Leoben

ROBOMINERS partners from the Montan Universität Leoben, Tampere University and TalTech recently met in Leoben (Austria) for a workshop about different options for the production tools of the robot miner, the water-hydraulic power train system and the locomotion. The partners then travelled to Mittersill in Salzburg to visit the local tungsten mine. This tungsten mine […]

ROBOMINERS at the EU Raw Materials Week

The fourth edition of the EU Raw Materials Week took place from 18 to 22 November 2019 in Brussels. The event organised by the European Commission addresses the latest news on raw materials in the EU and is a unique opportunity for the raw materials community to exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international […]

ROBOMINERS at the Madrid Science Week

ROBOMINERS has been presented at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid last Friday, 8 November 2019 at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Centre for Automation and Robotics UPM-CSIC. The anniversary event took place in the framework of the Madrid Science Week. The Science Week offers the public the opportunity to […]

Robotic exploration of Mars

During a short visit of the CNES-IRAP laboratory in Toulouse, France, the ROBOMINERS team from the Geological Survey of Belgium presented this summer the project concept and the potential links with the robotic exploration of Mars, involving among others the use of automated LIBS instrumentation, Raman. The discussions led to various technical considerations for the […]


ROBOMINERS at “The present and future of mining and geology” conference

ROBOMINERS has been presented on 4 October 2019 during the 30th International conference of the Slovak Mining Society “The present and future of mining and geology”. The title of the oral presentation by Alicja Kot-Niewiadomska (MEERI PAS) was “ROBOMINERS Project – the future of effective mining”. The conference focused on minerals exploitation, processing and use […]



On 17 October 2019, representatives of the projects Pipebots, UNEXMIN and ROBOMINERS have gathered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for a Joint Workshop. The event was attended by approximately 20 specialists in geosciences and electrical and process engineering. At this occasion, ROBOMINERS coordinator Claudio Rossi (UPM) provided a general presentation about the project. The aim of […]

From deep underground to deep space

ROBOMINERS has been presented by project coordinator Claudio Rossi (UPM) at the “What next for space resources utilisation?” workshop organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) in Luxembourg on 10 and 11 October. ESA has hosted this workshop, in cooperation with the Luxembourg Space Agency, to identify the next steps needed to realise the first […]

ROBOMINERS at the UNEXMIN final conference

The UNEXMIN project has very close links with ROBOMINERS as both projects gather specialists in the mineral raw materials and the robotics sector with a view to reducing the EU’s dependence on imported critical minerals. The target of the Horizon 2020-funded UNEXMIN project was to develop an autonomous and multi-platform Robotic Explorer with tools for the exploration […]