Unlocking the Future of Mining: ROBOMINERS

Discover in our Policy Brief how the EU-funded ROBOMINERS project is revolutionising the mining industry. From extracting minerals in hard-to-reach deposits to reducing environmental impact, ROBOMINERS brings a true paradigm shift.

At its heart lies a groundbreaking innovation: a bio-inspired, modular, and reconfigurable robot-miner poised to access mineral deposits that were once beyond reach.

The mining sector, historically notorious for its dangers, is on the cusp of transformation. ROBOMINERS offers a safer path forward.

ROBOMINERS has a vision to reshape mine design and operational costs. By leveraging robotics and automation, it can turn the mining industry “invisible.” Imagine robots operating deep underground, excavating precise galleries that match mineralised areas, minimising waste rock, and sending high-grade ore to the surface. This holds the promise of unparalleled cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

ROBOMINERS’ ability to operate at great depths presents a solution to the rising demand for mineral raw materials, ensuring a sustainable supply for various industries. Financially, it offers a more cost-effective approach compared to conventional mining, with significantly lower initial investment and setup costs.

ROBOMINERS ushers in a new era for mining – one marked by technological advancement, environmental responsibility, and socio-economic progress. By embracing this innovation, the European Union can lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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