Are you an expert in the field of mineral raw materials or robotics?

We invite you to participate in the ROBOMINERS research efforts to improve a unique technology by participating in our Delphi Survey. The survey presents a series of statements about the future (2050) on topics relevant for the vision and implementation of the ROBOMINERS technology line.

The Survey is part of a planned 2-round Delphi Survey that maps future development of uncertain but important areas for the ROBOMINERS development and implementation.

How to participate? 

You can access the Delphi Survey at the following link.

Participation in the survey takes approximately 30 minutes and your answers will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

About Delphi Surveys

The Delphi survey was originally developed as a technological forecasting technique, which aimed at reaching consensus over relevant technological developments. Nowadays, Delphi Surveys have expanded into a variety of modified approaches. However, at its core, the Delphi method stands out as a reliable method in situations where individual judgements must be elicited and combined to address an incomplete state of knowledge. The Delphi method is based on anonymous opinions of experts who are fed back the results of a round-based survey, allowing these experts to rethink their judgement and converge to consensus over key identified areas.