The EU-funded ROBOMINERS project (grant agreement nº 820971) will be hosting its second Clustering Event on the 18 November 2021. The first featured presentations from 10 EU-funded raw materials projects. The second event will take a hybrid format (online and in person) and will connect the ROBOMINERS project experts at a meeting in Leoben, Austria and local stakeholder clustering groups, in conjunction with the Raw Materials Week 2021 (Brussels, Belgium).

In order to assure a sustainable, socially and environmentally friendly supply of raw materials in the future, exploitation of raw materials will need to become more automatic, by removing people from mines, and replacing them with autonomous or remotely controlled machines. However, there are many technical challenges which need to be overcome. Therefore, the topic of this 2nd ROBOMINERS Clustering Event is “The key technological obstacles towards a fully autonomous robotic mining (eco)system”. In this event, new, innovative and future-potential technologies from the raw materials value chain that might become a staple and shift the future outlook of mining towards more sustainable and socio-economic benefits will be presented and discussed.

A number of EU projects and initiatives that are supporting these changes on the mining landscape are invited to present and discuss the outcomes and potential of their technologies, services and products. The first part of the event will present several short (5′) presentations on key technological challenges, followed by a roundtable with participants to further explore possibilities, foster collaboration and contribute to solve these challenges.

The ROBOMINERS team would like to invite projects, initiatives and individuals to take part at this event, either as a project/initiative presenter or as a participant.

Please note that this is a hybrid event. Participants can either join us in Leoben (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) or online. Further details on the physical venues will be communicated to registered participants in due course. 

To propose a talk, feel free to suggest a title via the registration form or contact us at


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